Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Urban Survival Techniques #2 - Avoiding Trouble - Editor's Response to Comments

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To Anonymous (comment dated 2009-06-24)

About the potential worker's comp settlement -- if it were me, and I didn't need the money to live on now, I would hold out for the bigger payday later.

My view is that neither $20,000 or $60,000 is going to make a huge difference in your lifestyle over time. Assuming the paper money collapse does NOT happen by then, you may as well hold out.

Now, as far as monetary collapse is concerned, who knows what either $20,000 or $60,000 would be worth then. If you need or want some additional cash now to buy urban survival preparedness gear, you can always (maybe?) put $5,000 or so on credit cards to buy some preparedness supplies. Then pay it all off when payday arrives. If there is somebody to pay it to. :)

In a fiat money collapse, your $60,000 might be worth 60,000 dog droppings in 6 months, but you would have to pay only 5,000 dog droppings back to the credit card company. And if the credit card company wants to raise your interest rate to 30,000% per year to compensate for their loss in the purchasing power, they cannot do that unless you continue to use the card. But if you make one little purchase or cash advance, your rate will then instantly go from the 12% to 30% you are paying now to that 30,000%.

As an aside, consider that some people -- maybe millions -- if the credit card companies raising interest rates significantly -- they would tell the credit card companies to go farkle themselves.

Another thing to consider, the manipulators have kept the plates spinning on the poles for years.
I have been expecting a collapse since the 1970s. This is a huge monster, and it will take a lot to bring it down. How weak it has to get to collapse, who knows? Think of the picadors in a bull-fight. Takes a lot of stabs to weaken the bull enough so that the matador can finish it off. Collapse is inevitable, but exactly when it will happen is impossible to predict. It can take a lot longer than expected to see this government and economic collapse take place.

A final note: This is not the 1930s. As fond as I am of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, I think lead and copper will be more valuable, if you get what I mean. In the 1930s, people appreciated the value of gold and silver as MONEY. Now, hardly anyone does. Do not look for gold and silver to become money as soon as the fiat money collapses. Don't expect that your pre-1960s "junk silver coins" are going to be appreciated for their metal content. Most people won't value the silver ones any more than the tokens we have nowadays. I expect that the collapsed money system will just be replaced by another government money and credit fraud medium of exchange.

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  1. Good points. I think plenty already got the message about lead and copper, thus the shortages in recent months. Also, be adaptable and make use of whatever money's in vogue at the time.