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Urban Survival Techniques - Protect Youself - Suburban Gangs (#5)

(continued from Urban Survival Techniques - Riots Can Be a Riot!)

Editor's Note: This survival techniques essay moves its area of discussion from the cities to the suburbs. GT discusses the similarities and differences as to how it may go down in these areas.

Here's what GT has to say about protecting yourself in the suburbs:

Most people think that when I talk about the potential violence and rioting and worse, they think I am only talking about the cities. No, I am talking about everywhere, including especially suburbia. I'm not talking only about urban survival techniques. You may run away to escape the violence of the city. But, guess what? It will follow you to the suburbs.

Most of you are likely over 50 and have no interest in what the youth are doing. Therefore, you may not have heard the term, "Wiggers". Essentially what they are is white teenagers imitating the underground gangster culture. This is nothing new. The earliest example I can think of in the U.S. is the Jesse James Gang. They were civil war veterans who decided to try and make a living robbing trains. Even today, the James gang is admired and is imitated in countless movies.

The next teen-age generation to follow the criminal culture comes from the age of prohibition. The girls were flappers and the boys all had hip flasks. Some of you may be old enough to have been teenagers at the time. That was your form of rebellion. Again, movies of the time and even now, glorify the criminals. Can you imagine Jimmy Cagney not saying: "You'll never take me alive, Coppers!"

In the early World War Two war years we had Zoot-Suiters. It didn't catch on like the others because of the war and the government was able to get everyone to toe the line and wear the same thing. Zoot Suits were banned because they used too much material. However, an idea whose time has come, will express itself. The baggy clothes of the zoot-suiters became the baggy clothes of the counter-culture of today. Now we have Wiggers. They dress in baggy clothing; the style is known as Hip Hop. They listen to rap music, the loudest and most foul mouthed they can find, and have their own slang. They want to imitate the criminal culture because they feel mistreated and misunderstood as has every criminal misfit either in the past or today.

These Wiggers have spread all over the country and they can be dangerous. How dangerous? Go the the seemingly safest suburb you can find and visit the police station. Ask if there is any drugs or gang activity because you are worried for your children. If the police are honest with you, you will get an education. The gangs are present in the deepest reaches of suburbia because drugs are in the suburbs and need gangs to distribute the poisons. Drugs and gangs are everywhere!

I don't understand why the young like the criminal culture. I just know they do. Some of their attempts to imitate are really funny. The music of the criminal culture and many of the young today is rap. Especially Gangsta Rap which tends to using lot of cussing and glorifies lots of rough sex. One of the funniest things I've seen was when I was out in the local farm country. It was harvest time. Out in the middle of a field was this crew-cut blond haired kid that looked like your typical farm boy. What made it funny was blasting in the tractor's CD player was some of the nastiest rap music I ever heard. The kid was dancing and getting seriously down. The tractor was rocking like a low rider car. (I didn't know John Deere made a low rider version.) I later found out it is quite common for the kids to listen to hard rap in farming communities. The family hates the music but puts up with it because the chores are getting done.

Most of the teenagers' attempts to imitate the criminal or gangsta culture aren't funny but dangerous. Things may have changed, but for years one of the most dangerous gangs where I live wasn't in the inner city but suburbia. These kids saw the gangsta culture and decided to be what real gangsta call "wanna-be's"! Of course this upset the wanna-be's. To prove how tough they were, they gave each other, the other gangs, and the police serious trouble. There is violence to match what I saw growing up.

These wanna-be's get their idea of what the gangsta culture is from Hollywood movies. Just like gangster movies were very popular and profitable back in the 30's, Gangsta films make big bucks today. If you think my writings show some of the seamier aspects of life and are shocked, that's nothing! I'm shocked at what I see in these movies. They teach depravity I didn't even think possible. Believe me, I've seen depravity! Writing about the hood or making movies has a purpose. It is real life, it's educational. So I am not for censorship; I just wish people, especially the wiggers, would not try to imitate what they see.

Imitating these movies is a bad idea. First, these children are too young to know you can get hurt imitating what you see on television of movies. A good example is that many children see Superman on TV and try to imitate him by flying. That alone has filled the emergency rooms. The latest imitative example I can think of, was from a movie a few years back where these teenagers -- to prove something or other -- would go to a busy highway and lie in the middle, right on the median strip. Good scene in a movie, bad scene in real life. A lot of kids died.

The main feature of the gangsta movies is the incredible amount of violence in them. For a wanna-be however, that violence isn't enough. You want to surpass what you see on the screen to prove you're a bad-ass and not some jive wanna-be nobody is scared of. When they try to be violent, they get caught by the local police. The violence they were attempting, scares the pants off the officers. So far, the police have been able to stop them. They won't in a riot situation.

When the currency collapses, what will the wanna-be, the junkies and just plain trouble-makers be doing? A lot. This is either the chance to prove themselves or rip off a big score. You will have destruction for destruction's sake. Only it won't be what you expect and it will be different from what is happening in the cities.

In the cities you have hundreds of stores crowded together. This makes it easy for the looter to go shopping. In the suburbs the stores are spread out. Malls, being private property, are pretty good keeping out drugs and the crime that accompanies it. (Well, yes and no. Prostitutes find malls an easy place to pick up dates.)

What do you do? You want to commit mayhem. You want an easy target and you want to destroy for the fun of it. Why not attack trucks? It is easy set to up a blockade to crash a truck. Then you can clean out the trailer at your leisure. No cops will stop you. Like I said, they will be busy elsewhere. These blockades will be dangerous for the ordinary motorist as well. It will be as dangerous as walking down a city street, turning the corner, and finding yourself walking into a riot. Only there is a riot taking place at 55 mph. The wanna-be will be using car jacking, drive-by shooting and road rage, the same techniques they learned in the movies, to hurt you. A lot of homeowners have guns and hope that will protect them but so do the wanna-be's. It will be a shoot-out situation. You'll be scared. Not the wanna-be's, or else they will be more afraid of showing they're scared to use their weapon. The wanna-be's want to prove nothing scares them.

As the highways get clogged up by accidents, even if the cops want to, they may not be able to. The rioters are going to get tired of watching car crashes, and sooner or later are going to get the idea of attacking homes. Remember, this destruction is for destruction sake. The rioters aren't going to be stupid enough to ring your doorbell and say, "Hello, I'm your neighborhood looter." They won't introduce themselves because they know you liable to reply with a shotgun blast to their faces. However, if their main goal is not robbery but to destroy things, they can start a fire. You see the fire coming, and head for the hills. The looters can then run into your house if they want, grab what they can, and with their stolen cars outrun the fire.

So what do you do in this situation to protect yourself? Well, knowing your neighbors will be a big help. It is obvious we are getting into bad times. It will soon be obvious to everyone we are getting into dangerous times. It is at that time, it would be a good idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors and offer to provide mutual protection for each other. You make even get to know the trouble-makers of the neighborhood so when the conditions are ripe for a riot, you can keep those trouble-makers isolated and under watch to keep them from starting riots.

What else can you do? I assume you have a gun or two to protect your family. Also get a couple of ABC fire extinguishers to include in your stash of survival essentials. I believe, as I said in the last essay, fire could be a very big danger.

You can set up blockades of your own to keep the bad guys from getting to you. Your neighbors may get you funny look but explain the possible dangers and then up set up a blockade for them.

Videotape the violence. It won't stop the riot in progress, but after it is over, the police will be very interested in knowing who the local trouble makers are. A tape could help the police lock them up.

Unfortunately, I can think of only a few survival ideas to protect yourself that I haven't already covered. Maybe this will help you think of some more survival techniques to add to your preparedness checklist. One thing you have going in your favor: The troublemakers in the suburbs are wimpier than those in the city so the rioting and looting shouldn't last as long. Maybe it will be only a few days before things get back to some semblance of order.

Thank you.
The "Golden Trumpet"

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  1. During economic collapse in my country the urban areas were relatively safer place then suburban areas. I remember police officer complaining that he did not have paid for several months and seeking ways to feed his family. How many of them went to be gangster's bodyguards and muscles just to survive. What was left from police forces tended to be concentrated in cities, suburban was left lawless. Many people, especially single elderly people, were killed just for little possession they have in their houses. Looters have put blocks on highways to stop tracks with loads and expensive cars then throw out people, sometimes killed them, if they give fight, and drove straight to black market to sell loads and cars. So why I think that advice to find isolated place to live over is ill suited. People in those places will be easy target and totally defenseless.