Wednesday, May 27, 2009

About Urban Survival Techniques

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If you have a suspicion that all is not as it seems with the economy, banking and credit, the integrity and benevolence of your government, etc., you may want to consider that if there is an economic collapse, how will it affect you, and how can you protect yourself with urban survival techniques from the effects of that, including total societal collapse.

Unfortunately, most people now live in cities. Typical wilderness survival techniques are not applicable. What are needed are urban survival techniques.

These essays provide a unique and valuable perspective regarding how an economic collapse could play out and how to protect yourself in the city from those events, coming as they do from a black man who has survived the ghetto as a youth and is now middle-aged.

"Golden Trumpet" has enormous native intelligence and has educated himself in many aspects of life and the world, and has attained an excellent grasp of political philosophy and economics. That education, in addition to his "street smarts", and his writing, provides us with some fascinating urban survival information, urban survival tips, and opinions that we may not have otherwise obtained.

Good luck. Even if you are prepared for the train wreck, you will need it.

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  1. Even temporary local disasters may require survival techniques. A wide ranging depression like we may be facing, complete with food and water shortages, will be much worse.

  2. I have seen what 'temporary' disruptions do in ain't pretty! Thankfully those were predicted, planned for and had a positive ending.

    Sadly, I don't feel that this holds true for the impending collapse of the the banking system. I'm glad I live in the country, I just couldn't imagine city life knowing what's to come!

  3. Up until this winter, I as a Floridian thought I'd only have to be prepared for Hurricane Season.

    This lesson showed very clearly that Even though I prepare, I was UNPREPARED! I didn't have adequate heating, clothing to combat the cold, now I know better...prepare for anything/everything!

    Even though my own survial website has everything one needs to know, I failed to expect the unexpected...don't you do that yourself!

    My Site:

  4. Any urban survival plan for a collapse scenario should include personal protection devices and not just fire arms. A can of pepper spray - -may prove invaluable.