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Urban Survival Techniques - Protect Yourself - Government Terrorism (#6)

(continued from Urban Survival Techniques - Suburban Gangs

Editor's Note: This urban survival technique essay by GT actually applies to everyone, everywhere. Government is not your friend; it is your enemy. Whatever you try to do protect yourself -- whether it be arming yourself, storing food, using real money (gold and silver) instead of their funny money fiat currency, tokens, or credit instruments, trying to secede or asserting your sovereignty -- the government will object to. Their actions against you will range from merely thwarting you, to punishing you, to imprisoning you, to killing you.

Here's what GT has to say about protecting yourself from governments.


First, the following discussion of problems and urban survival techniques is protected under my right of free speech and, on this site, the right of a free press.

Sure, the government ignores the constitution, and especially The Bill of Rights, but I as an individual am still aware they are the laws of the land even if the government chooses not to follow these laws. Now that I have tried to protect myself legally, let's get on with the real protection.

In the last century, the 20th century, it has been estimated that up to 200 million people were murdered by their own governments and up to 250 million murdered in wars. I believe that in the new century we could see over a billion deaths.

There are promises of improvements to come in this new century but, as a whole, it seems more threatening than promising. The government will be a part of that threat. It has killed before. It will kill again. And you might be the target. I want to remind you that the ultimate power of the government is to kill without question or opposition. Among those you will have to protect yourself from will be the government.

This country's government is perfectly capable of murdering innocent people in the millions and getting away with it. Anyone notice how well the government handled "The Injun Problem"? But maybe that example is so old no one thinks about it. (If you do, and complain about it, you'll most likely be put on a trouble-makers list.)

So, we switch forward to today. You will not see Janet Reno on Death Row. Yet she claimed responsibility at one time for commanding the forces at Waco, Texas. That was when the BATF, the FBI, and the Army murdered a bunch of children and one possibly crazy religious nut. Guess what, as far as the United States government is concerned, they don't care because:


Now the Iranians and Muslims are mad at us, claiming we have murdered a million and half of their children because of our sanctions. I disagree with their numbers but it is highly possible there have been deaths in the thousands. But remember this about the Government: "THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT!" No one cares about those children.

Is it true? Yes or No. That what you have to ask. No fumbling for excuses. You don't excuse a bank robber if someone died as a result even if he wasn't the killer, even if he wasn't inside to prevent the killing. The intent to commit a crime was there. Sanctions and blockades are considered acts of war. The intent is there. No saying: "We didn't murder their children, we just stopped the Iranian from trading." Is the result, large numbers of children dead because of our government's policy? Yes or No?

If it is true, I can't think of anything else to cause them to hate us so much. The worse type of scum is the murderer of children. Everywhere in the civilized world, the harshest punishment is reserved for child killers. That is how they see us. What's worse: We (our government) got away with it.

The lie we tell ourselves is that they hate us for our freedom is bulls---! They hate us as anyone would hate a child killer. The even worse lie we tell them: "It is only collateral damage." It's not. It's murder. Murder that will drive them beyond hate. I believe very soon, instead of calling The United States "The Great Satan", they will call us "The Great Child Killer!"

When they do, that means we will have the worst reputation in the world. Far worse than the Nazis. To a very large segment of the world we will have surpassed Hitler's evil. He was an equal opportunity killer. We kill children. Theirs and our own.

Maybe the United States isn't so bad. There are a lot of other countries with much bigger mass murder rates. They have killed children. They have killed their own citizens and others. Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tsu Chu and Hitler probably murdered 100 million in the name of their governments. Guess what? Those governments got away with murder too!

Beside murder, what else is The Government capable of? Not much really. Basically what most governments do, especially the United States government, is to make everything and anything illegal. Of course, there are enough laws on the books; we may have already reached that point.

They try to sneak their agenda by -- to make everyone a criminal so the government can cash in on the guilt. Occasionally, events happen that allows the government to make wholesale power grabs. The attack on the World Trade Center was one. The crash of the currency, and the hyperinflation and rioting that follows, will be another excuse to grab power, limit freedoms, crack down and crack heads. They are so busy passing laws that they don't have time to protect you, which is supposed to be their job, their ONLY job.

The government doesn't want you to protect yourself. At best, it thinks of its citizens as children unable to protect themselves. You better leave that to the Mommy government. At worst, being able to protect yourself means you can protect yourself from the government when it becomes too oppressive.

You may not have any intention of fighting the government. You only intended to protect yourself from bad guys. The police don't seem to be able to provide protection. And you want to protect yourself? How dare you! If everyone was allowed to protected themselves to the fullest extent possible in the free market, who would need or want "government protection"? They don't really want you to even have the barest survival essentials. As an example of government protection, I give your exhibit #1, the Dollar! The government offers its protection to our currency. In fact it promises: THE FULL FAITH AND CREDIT OF THE UNITED STATES.

How is the promise working? It's not. Look at the stock market disorders, and the nervousness over bonds and other investments. People are now calling the housing market a boom about to go bust. [Editor's note: This was written in the early 2000s. Now it's 2009 and the bust has occurred.] Business failures and lies, the high unemployment and high inflation the government statisticians try to hide, are all signs there is going to be a complete collapse of the global economy.

If some nations are unhappy because they see us as a global bully, imagine how unhappy they will be when the dollar collapses, going the way of other fiat currencies. They lost their money. They are not only going to be unhappy, because the world was forced to be tied to the dollar, I believe quite a few will declare war on us. Not much makes people madder than losing all their money.

The Government solution to the problem of a collapsing economy will be to issue a new currency. Once the world has lost its trust in the Dollar, why should anyone trust a new paper currency?

The government will lie. It will say its new fiat currency is backed by gold. It will be the same kind of lie the Europeans are using with the Euro. The Euro is supposedly backed by 15% gold, but no one (at least not you or me) can redeem the Euro for gold.

New currency won't work. It must be those gold bugs' fault! Get them! A lot of people feel confiscation is not going to be possible. I think it will be. [Editor's note: It has already started -- e-gold confiscation in 2008.] First, it won't be called "Confiscation". I am not sure what it will be called, but it will probably be called something patriotic so as to induct guilt. The effect will be the same. I know the government will rob people of their gold because I see it in cop shakedowns and with the drug forfeiture laws. I'm sure, soon enough, there will be a "Terrorist Forfeiture Law". The result will be to separate gold bugs from their gold.

There will be more laws. However, if the drugs laws are any indication, the new laws will take away more freedoms and hurt the innocent, instead of punishing the guilty. I see laws on hoarding, precious metal ownership, laws restricting travel, and more.

Also, I see laws that have nothing to do with protecting people, crime or terrorism. They will pass these laws because they can and the government passionately hates the people doing these things. I see laws against home schooling, religious expression and, of course, laws against successful businesses and commerce. (I think sooner or later they are going to come after e-gold and the other electronic gold backed businesses. Can't let people have an alternate to paper money.) [Editor's note: Already happened.] If people can buy e-gold how can they launch their next fiat-money scheme?

Rabble-rousers and big mouths like me who are on the internet will be illegal if we aren't already. To the government, we are the one who causes riots, not the opportunists, criminal minded, or the desperate. Well before the riots, they will be coming for me. I plan to be long gone. One reason I am writing this a year, three, five years before you need it is so that it will be there when I've stopped writing and started hiding.

Things that are really useful for citizens to protect themselves, but the government hates, tend to spread very far and wide on the internet. An example is PGP encryption. The government doesn't really care about your individual personal survival. They do only what is necessary for the groups that support them, to keep themselves in power.

What will the government be doing during the riots? Most riots have ten to fifty times as many spectators as looters. When the police come they don't care whether or not if you're an innocent bystander. They are there to crack heads.

To prevent the next riot the Government will pass laws against protesting. (There goes our right to peacefully assemble and have the government address our grievances.) To force people to use the new worthless currency, you will be given the choice of taking their money or the government can take your inventory, manufactured goods, and crops because you're "Anti-Prosperity".

Where are they going to lock up all these "criminals"? Their crisis plan includes a mad rush to build prisons, but those will not hold everybody. There is talk of building open air camps. It is a trial balloon. How many remember the camps of Germany, Russia, Cambodia and other hellholes? I do.

I have a memory of the concentration camps from my father. He was a World War II vet and told me a little about them. He was assigned to bury the dead at Dachau. That gave him nightmares for the rest of his life. Thanks to him, I have a first-hand horror of government "camps".

World War II wasn't that long ago. I think their trial balloon will fail. Enough people have a horror of camps and will do anything to prevent the government from having them here. Of course, protesting may not enough. Remember, the government is used to getting away with whatever it wants. It did not prevent Japanese-American citizens from being sent to camps during World War II.

Is shooting the bastards a solution? I don't believe so. The government has more than enough media supporters to turn you into the bad guy.

"It was self defense," you might say. So did Randy Weaver.

"It was an accident," they say. Waco was an accident.

It doesn't matter that people are upset over those and other outrages. From the government's point of view, the victims were the bad guys. What is even more important from the government's point of view: "We, the government, got away with it!"

Since the government knows it can get away with murdering millions of its citizens, there has to be more than a willingness for the citizens just to shoot the bastards.

One tactic is just to refuse to help the government in any form. That can be hard. Most of the things they ask are "reasonable requests". Or it takes less time to pay or say yes or otherwise go along. There is a hidden price. You don't have rights to protect yourself any longer. No, you "volunteered".

If they ask you to do something, refuse and then disappear so they can't force you to help them. What you're trying to do is take the first step in destroying the government's legitimacy.

No doubt the government will make it illegal to refuse to help. This is going to be a life or death struggle. There is going to come a point where you will have to decide to break the law. Remember, no matter what the government says, it is not against the higher laws of God, Karma, or the Universe to refuse to serve evil or corrupt people. If you're worried about breaking the law, you will already be breaking it if you do the following:

Do I stock up on food and other necessaries? FOOD HOARDER! Go to Jail! Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 worthless dollars.

Do I buy gold or silver? TERRORIST! You're helping to sponsor the international terrorist network. You'll be tried in a secret military court like John Lingh and other would be terrorists. Best plea bargain before you get into real trouble.

Do you buy a gun to protect yourself and family in the riots to come? GUN-NUT! Well, you've already broken the law. Come along quietly! What if you say: "The only way you're getting my guns is to pry them from my cold dead hands!" No problem! Remember they already killed a bunch of them gun-nuts in Waco, in Ruby Ridge and too many other places to bother naming. Remember! "WE'VE GOTTEN AWAY WITH KILLING THEM! WE WILL GET AWAY WITH KILLING YOU!"

By writing this I probably am breaking quite a few laws. Never mind the protection of the First Amendment. Well, if they haul my sorry self to jail, I'll will make sure as many people know as possible since I am trying to become famous. If I can't become famous, I'll settle for infamous!

That is another way of protecting yourself. Go for the glory and make yourself famous or infamous, as the case may be. They are many people, mostly whistle blowers like Philip Agee who worked for the CIA, who the government would like to kill. They let it be known if they committed suicide, it was not their idea. If they die or disappear, they want their friends and the press ask a lot of embarrassing questions. They won't like me in jail anyway. I know too many trouble-makers and if I'm in jail I'll make friends with a lot more. I am sure to lead the other prisoners in rabble rousing. I've been in riots. I know how to start them too. My songs will become even more filled with satire -- you see how I treat Greenscam! -- and I can communicate intelligently.

Be aware, I am not ruling out shooting the bastards! Some will think it will be the only way to restore a constitutional republic. If you do, DON'T GET CAUGHT! Else,... Woe is you!

The government will not protect you. It will PROTECT ITSELF! If they catch you, the government will probably torture you, and kill your family and friends while making you watch. You'll have to make the hit in such a way it can't be traced back to you. Just like after almost a year, we still don't know who was behind the World Trade Center. We just accused Osama without proof. Otherwise, why not share it? The Muslim would love to have proof. They are not known for mercy and if they had proof they would be sure to execute him in a way sure to hurt. The Trade Center attacks were especially heinous in their laws. [Editor's note: Muslims can justify any heinous act, just as can Christians, by selective quoting of their so-called sacred texts.]

Is secession an answer? Maybe. We originally seceded from England. If people secede, they will have to avoid the mistakes the South made in Lincoln's War [Editor's note: The War of Northern Aggression was not about slavery; it was about establishing the federal government as master over the indivdual states instead of as their servant. Lincoln was a traitor the the Constitution, which explains why he is so revered today by the federal government and its lackeys.] The most important one: You must not secede for an immoral cause. Every country that broke away and succeeded in becoming a new nation had the support of at least one other nation. The South failed because the biggest possible supporter -- England -- detested slavery. The South wasn't about to give up their slaves for England's support. That was a mistake. If they had England behind them, it would have broken the blockade. The British Navy was the best at the time -- the reason the British Empire being at its prime.

Another mistake the South made in seceding was that the South was seen as firing the first shot. It is true that Lincoln did all he could to provoke that first shot. The South fired first and thereafter they could be seen as traitors and rebels.

Be aware that if there is secession, the Federal Government will fight the secessionists dirtier and meaner than they do in a "regular" war. This, in a history of mean knife fights. There will be no mercy for the secessionists if they lose. There will be one thing going for the secessionists. The United States will be fighting the world at the same time. You don't have to join the enemies of The United State if you secede. Just let other countries know you are no longer part of the United States.

What is my answer? It is probably the most improbable. I will not recognize, serve, or be a part of any government. My hope is that government is seen for what they are. Bloody murderers. Child Killers. I want decent people to shun all forms of government. Instead of relying on government to protect you, have insurance companies protect you.

It will be the method with the least bloodshed, and the quickest way of eliminating one of the worst evils the world has known. A few see government as I do. I am hoping to get others to share my viewpoint.

You may think it may not work. I think it will, but I can't explain why. I can't explain that any more than I can explain why I survived growing up and all the other males are now dead. I only knew I would have no part of the drug dealers, the pimps, the winos, and others that I saw. To avoid them I needed to find the opposite, a strong positive male image. My father couldn't fulfill that role. He deserted his family.

I had no good role models. So I created one. It was an imaginary friend that became my best friend. He taught me. He said: "Whatever you see the people around you doing, just do the opposite." He also told me when to run and when, if cornered, to fight. With that advice I survived. Surviving and living to be 21 was a big and very pleasant surprise. I had a bigger surprise in store. Shortly after I passed my 21st birthday, I looked into the mirror. Instead of me, I saw my imaginary friend. I had grown into the man I envisioned. Being that man, I knew I could not only protect myself but others when the time came. The time to protect others is now, since I am writing this series.

Most people know how corrupt this country has become. They do nothing but throw their hands in disgust. There is another way. For better or worse, I've given you an image of the future with this series. You can create other images. Currently I believe this is not the image we want our country to be. One of the things I've learned from Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" is you need a very positive image. I unknowingly created one for myself when I was growing up. I can create a positive image of this country and so can you.

First, we all must have the image of a constitutional republic.

Next, we must be aware of the faults of a constitutional republic: Mainly, they don't remain republics for long. Those placed in power as our servants ignore the constitutional restraints. They become the masters.

Third, you must willing willing to live and let live. If your fellow man is not hurting others but doing something you don't approve of or you are envious of him, you must not try to get the government to change his life or steal his wealth. It will only hurt you or your children.

We are trying to come up with a perfect image of our country to replace the evil real life one we see around us. To get there you must do this:

You must be able to see it,
Taste it,
Smell it,
Feel it and be surrounded by it.
Let your senses envelope with it until,... It is more real than real.

and then, you there!

I learned how to use the imagination from a 1970 movie called "Tribes". It works no matter what you imagine.

Let me tell the More-Real-Than-Real image I have for this country.

The United States no longer exists. (Just like the United Socialist States of Russia [sic -- s/b the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics aka the Soviet Union] -- The USSR no longer exists). The U.S. had a very brief shining moment but its reputation was ruined by corruption. People no longer think of themselves as citizens of The United States (capitalized spelling) just like the people of Nazi Germany or Vichy France could call themselves citizens of those counties. Instead the area once known as the United States has split into regions -- The Northeast, The South, The Midwest, The West, and The Northwest -- and into cities already known the world over -- The New York City Region, The Los Angeles Region, and so on. Each region has been recognized as a nation in its own right. Each region is true to the constitution.

The idea of regions is so you don't get a super-sized Federal government ruling and robbing 50 states. At most a region has 5 to 10 states. The states are free to withdraw or secede for any reason, with a vote of 65% of all eligible voters. They are free to merge as well. For instance: The Northwest and British Columbia may merge since they have more in common with each other than the other regions or Canada.

Each region has its own constitution based on the original united states (lower case spelling) constitution which allows no government regional or state to use anything but gold or silver as money. It wouldn't allow creation of a Central Bank, Federal Reserve or any other organization that usurps the nation's power to coin its money. It would correct flaws in the original constitution including adding the right to life, liberty and property as Jefferson wanted originally.

It allows for citizens to sue and hold personally responsible any government official or anyone who benefits from the government if they have been criminally victimized by that official or benefitter. No sovereign immunity for these guys. Impeachment is changed. If any government official is under impeachment or criminal charges, they are to be immediately removed from office and banned from using their powers. The impeachment process is to see if they should be reinstated. It's not a trial. No one has a right to a job. Each and every day they must prove they are worthy of the job. Politicians should prove they are worthy of their jobs, too. Bureaucrats would be subject to impeachment as well. Right now, it is impossible to remove a bureaucrat. Another important change, if they are not going to follow the constitution, they lose the office and have to go through impeachment to see if they should be reinstated. If they want to make laws but are unwilling to follow the highest law of the land, they should not hold office.

I know this has gotten away from the subject of urban survival techniques, but your "mental urban survival backpack" should include a vision of something positive as well as physical survival essentials.

Thank you.
The "Golden Trumpet"

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  1. good article, but isn't ussr the united soviet socialist republics? you may want to fact check that.

  2. Bravo, sir. Well said.

  3. That's a lot to consider in one post, but it should be a beginning of a universal discussion. Ignoring the Constitution is the norm now instead of the exception or a mistake - look at the GM and Chrysler bailouts and bankruptcy. We need to be little islands in a sea of shameful government activities and to live as far off the grid as possible.

  4. Hey Golden Trumpet,
    From what I read of your expose' here I find it refreshing. I am so tired of both educating the ignorant and complicit and listening to everybody Bi**h about the problems we face. I always ask, "Do you have any ideas as to how we can overcome?" and the usual answer is another definition of another problem.
    We need to get on with it, they are, and if we don't they will subjegate each and every one of us worldwide.
    I like your vision, and I too have one which was provoked by the demand of we need a true reward and discipline for offenders. The reward I offer up is our great Nation and its bountiful resources, how MAJESTIC she is. The discipline is isolation and shame for the offenders.
    Hey, great conveyance of your ideas, hope we can keep her, I know I will defend her to the death whether it be a slow agonizing one or a fast one, doesn't matter to me as death is death and Christ defeated that for me and those who would simply believe.

  5. A huge piece of the puzzle is missing here. Deliberately? If you want to know who to shoot or who is responsible for the insane laws spoken of here why does not this poster look to who steers government by their own admission? Why does this poster mention the tired dodge of The Nazis yet ignore who was behind the Ukrainian genocide of 1932-33? The Armenian genocide of the same era or who formed the leaders of the Bolshevik horror or the people responsible for financing both world wars and who manipulated our government into both world wars? Why does this poster ignore the company responsible for the security at the airports that the planes took off from or who benefited from the attacks by their own admission? Why does he ignore who lied about the Niger yellowcake? Who wrote the script followed after 9/11? The facts are open for anybody interested in the reality of who owns this government and i see this post as a dodge from the hard facts. Those are for you all to ferret out yourselves. You won't find any in this post.

  6. USSR = Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

  7. One change I would propose for Trumpet's otherwise beautiful vision is to bar any authoritative entity – whether public or private, government or business - to impose any form of money on the people through legal tender laws or other coercive means. The right of two or more individuals engaged in peaceful commerce to use any mediuim of exchange they choose is unalienable - a corollary of the right of non-violent association. Like any other commodity, the choice of money is best left to the free markets. Of course, gold and silver would probably emerge as the most universally accepted monetary backing, but should do so only through the natural process of free and sovereign individuals interacting voluntarily in mutually consensual, mutually beneficial exchanges of value - no government mandates, no central banks, no coercion, no threats thereof

  8. Trumpet thank you with all of my heart. I have been e-mailing these article writers on newswithviews and other patriot sites because all they do is regurgitate the same old articles about how evil the govt. is and they are right but I think we are all at the point of shut-up already because we know the problem but what is the solution. And I don't mean the ballot box and other useless solutions. The ballot box won't save us from these thugs now. Not one of these keyboard pounders I've e-mailed has responded and I believe it is because they are gutless or are making money off this crises. Newswithviews writers are spineless pathetic patriots who know bullets will ultimately be needed in this struggle but they will be nowhere to be found when the battle begins. Keep up the good work.

  9. I hear your message. I believe that we are all complicit in the crime we call capitalist society. The heroes and revolutionaries are either dead or in prison. The youth will decide whether to resist or die quietly. Those with families must fight to survive and provide. The talk of injustice is powder for rebellion. The wrath of a vengeful younger generation will provide the spark. Right now the future is looking very grim for those just starting out in adult life. That breeds rage or resignation. We will see which prevails.


  11. Overall, a good article. I would suggest that the dream of no government which the author seems to envision will never work. The evil which is resident in the human heart will always cause a few to grab power and try to rule the masses. All institutions become corrupted over time and must be refreshed. Ours will never be refreshed without significant and devestating events, but a positive outcome, while remote is possible.

    Regarding Islamic hatred for America, I would say that they do not hate us because of sanctions and murder of children, instead they hate us because of a hatred buried deeply within the human heart. They hate each other, they hate us. No amount of appeasement will change this condition.

  12. Sir you are a fool and the worst kind of fool. A fool who thinks he knows what he is talking about. The only people to blame for the problems in this country are the 60% of the people who do not get involved or take part in there constitutional right to vote for their own ideals.The blame America first crowd that you follow has never and will never get anything done. Because of ignorant backward fools like yourself people shut off any reasonable discussion. Calling the USA baby killers is not from our efforts at trying to free oppressed and brutalized people. WITH THE BLOOD OF OR SONS AND DAUGHTERS MIND YOU WHO VOLUNTEER TO DO SO. But the sick twisted minds of people who think that killing life in the womb is ok. Yes sir in this you are absolutly correct that there is a contingency of government and non government idiots who are indead baby killers. This government which you so soundly and obviously hate has been taken over by greedy contemptuos scumbags. But yet election after election the SHEEPLE of this nation put these scumbags back in office.So people of these United States Of America shame on you all for you are to blame. And the Costitution doesnt need to be changed or altered it needs to be ENFORCED to the letter. Starting with the teaching of it to the letter in our schools.Look inward sir before you start to point the finger outward. THIS IS ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISABLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. These words as a true as we as a people stand up to and defend them. The small majority of people in this country who fall for things like global warming and seperation of church and state (which I will be happy to pay anyone the sum of $10000 who can show me anywhere in the constitution that this is written) are destroying the very fabric of this nation. If you want to blame someone for hard ships and woes look at a mirror.Get off your butts people turn off the Ipods and the Playstations and GET INVOLVED otherwise SHUT THE HELL UP about how bad our nation is. Signed A REAL PATRIOT

  13. To the religious wacko nutjob who posted at 11:53am on June 26, you are the reason America has become a backwards land of ignoramuses. This is NOT one nation under your weak and pathetic "god" (note lower case 'g' to show my contempt for your deity). This is a nation of people who just want to live their lives without the interference of cowards like you who hide behind their belief in "god" but would not give others the right to practice their stupid religious beliefs freely. You are a hypocrite and an oaf. You fool no one with your stupid, measely words. I fart on you.

  14. The time is here we need to stnd up and fight for want we belive in not what they tell us too....Obama has said it war on the people...I just hope we win this one WK